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Commercial locksmith rekey lock serviceAs a commercial business account with us we know that when you need help you usually need it right now.

If you are not able to get help right away it can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars lost depending on the situation that you are in.

As another small and locally owned business we as commercial locksmith providers know this and strive to be available 24 hours for any situation that may arise.

When you have employees that lose keys we can rekey locks so that they are assured to be secure. Another great time to do this is when you have a disgruntal employee who leaves or is let go.

Even the most secure of keys can be copied illegally and you don't want to find out that there are keys out there after it's too late to do anything about it. To rekey locks is a simple and cost effective way to make sure that you are always secure.

Door lock fitting by commercial locksmithIf you have several different keys to areas we can also change locks so that they are all keyed the same. Or even so in the reverse if you have all the same keys we can change locks so that every employee cannot open all of the areas of your business.

Most companies have employee lockers and master locks are utilized in keeping possessions safe. Occasionally you have employees that never show up again.

Some of the new master locks are made so that they are un-cuttable and you cannot remove them yourself. Just give us a call and as a commercial locksmith we can get that lock off in no time at all.

On top of all of our other services we now offer door lock fitting. If you have door that isn't currently lockable a door lock fitting is the perfect and budget friendly solution to your problem without having to invest in a new door.